Online Sessions

To continue supporting you in this time of health emergency due to COVID-19, all our sessions would be completely online. Due to limited availability, we can have only first 225 respondents in the live session. We would post the recording of the entire session for all after the session!

Developer Tools meant for developer to create, test, debug for faster and quality code

Are you a Developer and wish to make the debugging and testing of the code smooth and hassle-free? We at HackNITR Hackathon present you an awesome opportunity to be part of this session by JetBrains on "Developer Tools meant for a developer to create, test, debug for faster and quality code".
Why join this session?
-Learn how to debug code without using print statements at random places and checking everything manually
-Check code using test cases to ensure fewer chances of failure

AI is changing the world - why is it taking so long?

We are super excited to have a webinar by Rajat Monga, co-creator of TensorFlow. TensorFlow Libraries have been the most powerful tool available to Machine Learning enthusiasts.
Why join this session?
-Get to interact directly with the co-creator of TensorFlow
-Understand the importance of AI and how it can change the world for good