Important Update

In light of the Coronavirus [COVID-19] situation, we want to provide safety and health at top priority to hackers, and we aim to support each of you to continue to be part of HackNITR. With the health situation across the world, we have taken steps to make HackNITR as immersive as possible within the constraints.

Why Hack with us?

Whether you’re writing your first lines of HTML, building a VR app or a hoverboard, HackNITR is just the place for you. We will have workshops and mentors to help make your idea happen. You will be able to exhibit your skills without worrying about any mortal needs. We will take care of everything

Staying Connected

Join our workspace for all updates!To ensure structured communication across hackers, we would be having further discussion over Slack.

Schwag and Prizes

We would ship the schwag and prizes to the winners after the hackathon via post/courier. All hacks need to be submitted online via GitHub. The submitted hacks would be judged and evaluated by panel of judges online.

Online Sessions

The entire hackathon would be an online event. No in-person meetup would happen. All the sessions would be online and can be easily attended from any mobile or desktop devices.


Denim Jeans

Premium Credits

    Cloud Credits worth INR 7,500

    Wolfram Research Credits worth INR 28,000

    Cash prize of INR 15,000 on hacks built on Matic(for Ethereum, its INR 10,000)

    Access to Creative Tim Big Bundle worth INR 11,000

Denim Jeans

Internships and Jobs

    Get chance to be part of Digital Bank Fold

    Be part of Matic and a chance to land seed funding of upto 5000 USD!

    Note: Final decision of the above opportunities would be made by the respective companies after applying for the opportunities at those companies

Denim Jeans

Premium Schwag

Devfolio T-shirts

Matic T-shirts

JetBrains T-shirts

Coding Blocks T-shirts

Denim Jeans


Cloud Credits worth INR 3,000

Stickers from JetBrains

Stickers from Devfolio

Coding Diary from Coding Blocks

Wolfram Research Credits worth INR 1800

Premium Web Themes

Amazing Tracks

Continuing the legacy of our former events, HackNITR comes with exciting tracks that span almost every glitch out there which awaits a fix!

At the same time as giving these tracks, we believe that creativity and vision have no limits and so do the problems. Hence ideas that do not fall under the categories mentioned below are also welcomed under Open Innovation.

Climate Change



Because, Earth is a fine place to live and worth fighting for.

Health Care



Build solutions to improve healthcare and overcome challenges to rural healthcare access.

Women Safety



Ensure the safety of women by showcasing prowess on the digital turf.

Smart Cities



Support the development of smart and sustainable cities by innovation and intervention.




Foster e-learning not as an information design but designing a lively experience.

Digital India



Think, plan and create for India because going digital is no longer an option, it is the default!

Green Energy



Green energy and sustainable development are the key to a prosperous future and need of the hour.




Not only does this have potential to disrupt industries but the power to transform economies.

Open Innovation



Because challenges are infinite and so is our will to conquer them!

Our Sponsors






Coding Blocks

Creative Tim


Rourkela Tips

Frequently Asked Questions

Everyone is welcome to apply, any student developer, designer, professionals or creative individuals, who are passionate about creating to join. If you can innovate, you are eligible.
We're looking for people who can innovate and build solutions to real-world problems. Tell us why you want to be a part of HackNITR, any accomplishments you're proud of or anything else which could strengthen your application. Applications open in mid January.
Yes! No one likes to be a loner. You can join or create a team once you've started an individual application. You can form team of up to 3 people. Most people aim to have a mix of people with both design and developer skills.
All participants can work for 24 hours on their projects. The project proposals would be submitted before the Hackathon, and the entire event is only for the product development stage.
You cannot work, copy, or iterate on past projects. Using your APIs or third-party APIs is allowed, as long as the project is entirely new.
Interest in learning and working with technology is much more important. We'll have a team formation and ideation events geared towards helping you find people to work with. Just fill out the application form.
Applications have started. Apply soon via our website or Devfolio.
Participants should bring a valid photo ID, laptop, phone, chargers. Tables and internet connection will be provided.
You're not allowed to bring any sort of weapons, drugs, or alcohol. If you're not sure whether something will be okay, please ask us beforehand.
If you have any other questions or concerns, reach out to us via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or send us an email to [email protected]